Why study Business Administration?

In Business Administration, you develop skills that will allow you to make strategic, tactical or operational decisions in a company.

The BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) studies how companies enhance their competences and resources to accomplish their goals. It happens to be a discipline linked to economic and financial sciences closely, but to marketing and accounting also.

The career of Business Administration lasts four or five years for its degree level and in many universities they offer an intermediate and technical degree.

A Bachelor of Business Administration is a professional with a solid training and a great capacity for adaptation. An Administrator can perform in all areas of a company, being able to specialize in human resources, accounting, operations, marketing, finance, treasury, budget, purchasing, business, among others.

There are four essential reasons to study Business Administration, which is been reviewed below:

Growing and making the company grow

Working in a company involves fulfilling roles. The effectiveness of the company’s management will depend on how these roles are performed in accordance with the objective of maximizing benefits for the company, its members and its clients. And the person responsible for all this is, right off the bat, the manager.

Pure Fascination by company management

Organizations are among the most fascinating phenomena that can be studied. Why do they exist? Why organize the activity that occurs in and around them in one way or another? Why is it that each organization is different – even when they are direct competitors in the same sector? How do people who live and work within companies learn to coexist and make decisions within these complex systems? Understanding the fundamentals and mechanisms that make up an organization undoubtedly allows administrators to take advantage of the functions of directing, leading, planning, managing, promoting, negotiating, training and organizing all this activity.

Prepares you for the future

Tasks in management need knowledge regarding the significance of human and labor issues in organizations, counting the design, structure, and culture of companies, organisation theories, policies and practices commercial and thematic linked to labor relations at national and international level.

Study Management or Business Administration as a strategic discipline for those seeking management positions at top business studies course Malaysia, exercise functions and leadership roles.

The areas of study that comprise the general basic curriculum of Administration, integrate the combination of courses on: general management and strategy, international and intercultural management, human resources and labor relations or organizational studies.

Employment opportunities

A wide and varied range of functions and careers are open to business students, including management, consulting, business strategy, training and development, recruitment, human resources, labor relations, public policy, business consulting and senior management functions in companies of all kinds. For more articles like this one, click here.

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