Why High-Speed Internet Is Necessary for Your Small Business

Most small firms want to reduce operating costs to boost profit margins. In order to save money, a small business owner may be tempted to pick the cheapest Internet service provider. But are the savings worth the enhanced productivity and other advantages of high-speed Internet?

Businesses of all sizes, whether one person or ten thousand, should consider upgrading to Jom Apply Unifi unlimited broadband. Here are the top eight reasons to use high-speed Internet for your small business.

1. Faster Internet Means Better Productivity

How much time do poor Internet speeds cost you? Slow computer times can cost up to one week of labour per user every year, according to some research.

Slow Internet loading times might cost you money if your business relies on a website to communicate with and sell to clients. According to Kissmetrics, 79% of online customers say they won’t return to a website that takes too long to load. The average user won’t wait more than 5 seconds for a page to load, and 30% won’t wait more than 10 seconds.

2. Faster Internet Reduces Stress

You know how unpleasant and frustrating it is to wait on a slow computer, so why would you want to put yourself or your staff through that? The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that workplace stress costs US businesses $300 billion yearly. You’ll save money and have a more pleasant work atmosphere if your Internet works smoothly.

3. Less Traffic Means More Users

Even a small business with only a few employees can quickly become unusable due to a poor Internet connection. High-speed broadband Internet gives you extra bandwidth to distribute about and keeps your wireless gadgets connected.

4. Better Internet speeds simplify tasks.

Do you use video conferencing in your business? How about cloud-based software apps or online streaming? Many of the latest small business technologies require a quicker than average Internet connection to function properly. High-speed Internet may be required if your organisation relies on technology in any way.

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5. Uploading and downloading are made easier with faster internet

A lot of online commerce requires file uploading and downloading. Not to mention having your Internet connection time out due to sluggish speeds, forcing you to restart the process.

Even minor file upload and download speeds can be problematic. Uploading or downloading data to an online shared storage space, a blog or website, or as email attachments takes time.

6. Fast Internet = Low Cost

Sure, high-speed Internet will save you money by increasing your productivity. But a strong broadband connection might save your small business money in other ways. One example is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system, which requires a broadband connection but delivers many of the same features and services as traditional phone service.

7. Faster Internet Boosts Teamwork

Due to the accessibility of accessing the Internet, many small businesses are ready and able to work remotely. Access to shared platforms like Google Docs and Dropbox will be improved with high-speed connections.

8. Possibly Needing Faster Internet

Last but not least, high-speed Internet is required if your small business is in the technology sector. Your clients will expect speedy service, and so will your business. Investing in a great high speed Internet connection will save you time, bother, and headaches while ensuring your business works efficiently.

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