Our Love For Coffee: Is It Good For Our Liver?

We love our coffee. Especially the first thing in the morning.

The strong aromatic hit of coffee takes us into a whole new world and it is the world we crave to be at. Improved moods and happiness have been strongly linked with coffee.  But there are also strong links of caffeine, a psychoactive substance in coffee linked to the damage of our organs. At the same time, there are finding that counterattack these findings as well.

Ofcourse, it is not all bad news. Caffeine is necessary to our organs in moderation. Caffeine can help prevent us from major diseases such as diabetes type 2 and heart diseases and alleviate fatigue, improve our concentration, increase productivity, give us nutrients, and so on. 

Caffeine also has several impacts on our body that is both good and bad. Many scientific debates state that caffeine at high levels can be fatal to our physical and mental health as well. Different parts of our body deal with caffeine differently. Especially our liver.

Why is the function of our liver so important? And why do we have to concern ourselves with the impact of caffeine on the liver?

The liver does many miraculous things for our body. So ofcourse, the point of concern for our liver does stand valid. The need for medicine for liver cirrhosis Malaysia is also increasing day by day. The liver is responsible for sustaining much of the damage caused by the substances we consume. The substances could be anything toxic for our body like drugs, alcohol, and even steroid. 

Liver is also responsbile for breaking down our food to facilitate the function of the broken down nutirnents. For instance they metabloize fat so that it is stored as energy in our body. Protein and carbohydrate is broken down to release energy as well. LIve also produces the acid required to break down of these substances. Bile production will simply not be possible without our liver intact. Most importantly liver also does the job of detoxifying the substances we consume and releasing the byproducts in a safe manner. Without liver, our blood wont be able to get rid of the toxins and we will most probably die from poisonous subtance in our bloodstream. 

Since detoxification is a function of the liver, and caffeine also has a property where it aids in detoxification, it only makes sense that they both are helpful to one another. However it is important to note that only moderate amount can assist the function of the liver. Too much can hinder the true functioning of liver and it’s ability to detoxify properly. Caffeine in a moderate amount, whether it is in tea or coffee is seen to greatly reduce the risk of developing chronic lover diseases, but again, thi si sonly applicable to moderate coffee drinkers.

An overconsumption of caffeine in our system, does not reduce the risk of developing a liver disease. Drinking it  in large quantities throughout the day can lead to dysfunctions in liver. 

But for the most part, research suggests that the liver functioning of those who drink coffee versus those who dont drink coffee is much better than the latter group. In a study group that compared those drank 2-3 cups of coffee were seen to have 46% less likely chance of dying form liver cancer. Many research supported these findingd and scientists agreed that the risk of liver cancer decreased the more we consumed coffee.

But, by all means this is not your free pass to drinking three shots of espresso every three hours. 

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