Online Baby Products Malaysia: Check Out Pigeon

Online baby products in Malaysia are no stranger now. Nowadays, starting a family is not an easy thing to do. Compared to what we use to deal with back in the days, the states on needs and wants now are almost different. Especially for the city life. The expenses of city life can be terrifying, yet it should not be the reason you should not have a family. If you are in the right position, in terms of the partner, your life, your occupation, the door is always open. There are so many guides out there for the new parents handling the newborns, and one of the important elements would be getting the right products.

One of the best online baby products would be Pigeon. They are known for specializing in the needs of baby products in Malaysia. In 1951, they set the name Pigeon to symbolize peace, the strong desire for essentials for babies, and happiness. The mission is now carried through the change of technology. Now they are the market leader in baby care and mother products. They provide the highest in comforts, safety, and quality, hence they are the preferred ones among others. 

online baby products malaysia

They are known for research at the world-class level. They dive deep into everything from market research to understanding the gaps, the safety, and the comfort of Pigeon products. Pigeon promotes the healthy development of babies and the growth of the family. Their core R&D activities are at CRC in Tsukuba Mirai City in Japan. Their second Central research Centre is in Singapore. They opened it in 2011 as the commitment of intelligent solutions in baby products. 

They are now adapting to the new technology. From simple camera attachments at the baby bottle to ultrasonic applications, they are moving with time. With the experts behind the journey, they bring the knowledge and passion of Pigeon to bring the best baby product to another height. As for the awards, Pigeon has achieved so many of them. One of them is the Readers’ Choice Awards in 2019. Others are Diamond Winner for Nursing Bottles, Disposable Breast Pads, and more. To finish, some of the listed are Parents’ Choice Awards in 2019, Winner of Best Baby Shampoo for Newborn Pure,  and SG Mark Singapore Good Design in 2019.

They have a wide range of products, under the Pigeon wings, the one-stop you need. They have worked tirelessly in developing the best and affordable needs for people for over half a century now. As an ISO-certified company, Pigeon has grown with success and achievements. They have all the products from breastfeeding, bottle feeding, baby wipes, wet tissues, proper skincare products, cleansing and sterilizing, oral care, health care, and weaning. Others are soother, baby food, bath, and diapers, mother essentials, anti-bacterial, and more. Not just specializing in online baby products in Malaysia, they are also the source of news and advice. They have blogs, articles, guides, learning videos, and more. Everything essentials and learning materials that you need to know, Pigeon is there to help you. Their stores are also available across all states in Malaysia. It is safe to say that Pigeon is the only source you need, nothing but the best at Pigeon.

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