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Vehicle Signage

Since the invention of the wheel, our methods of transportation have been advancing, from horse carriages to coal-powered trains, and to the most common vehicle in the world, the car. It has been our fastest and relaxing way to travel from one destination to another. Back then, to get from point A to point B, we used to either walk or run. But this eventually became tiring so the humans from the past used the wheel as a tool of not only carrying goods, but also transportation.

Cars are made of either normal steel or stainless steel and spray painted with color, so it doesn’t come off when in contact with rain. Because of cars being made of steel, it is easy to place a design on the outside doors of the car where there is much flat surface. The design that one can put on a regular car is either through spray paint or vehicle signs. If you’re a sports lover and created your own business related to sports, you should definitely consider promoting your business with vehicle signage.

Spray paint design is the most common type, since it can be pulled off a lot faster and use less materials. However, even if that design is easier, you can do much with it. You can do intricate patterns and different colors, but the spray of a spray painting can instantly color a huge area and can make designing a bit hard since its pretty difficult to design the side of cars when pretty much a third of the design area is covered by a single. This is why, some people prefer the designs of vehicle sign.

* Vehicle signages Malaysia are like putting a phrase at the side of a vehicle and add a little more pizzazz. They’re usually used by companies and business people as advertisement. Just by simply putting a sticker on someone, one can easily advertise his/her product. This is done by simply creating what you want on a special piece of paper and stroll around to make sure it’ll be seen by a lot of people and make the advertisement a success. If you are looking for vehicle signages, MY Sign (mysign.my) provides vehicle signages that can be custom-tailored to your needs.

* Its primary goal should be to let everyone know or at least remind them that something like this exists. Putting your advertisement material in one place really limit the overpopulation. They can also be used as extra design, the sort of add on to the original design. If strolling around doesn’t work, a really helpful thing to do is to place the advertisement on a vehicle that moves around the map. Vans are usually the vehicle used by these kinds of things since they overall had a larger structure.

* They’re mainly for advertisement, which is why most vehicle signs are brightly colored. This is to distract a persons’ interest and may buy it. They can also be used for just designing the car. This size of the vehicle sign on a car or van is proportional to the size of type of tree. A great way for companies to improve their game in business is to invest in vehicle sign advertising where different areas may see the ad.

What is a car wrap?

A car is wrapped with a certain type of cloth preferably a large vinyl or decal graphic. The wrap is put on top of the original paint of the car and with these the car can change its appearance without any damages. Removing the wrap is not damaging to the car’s surface. Any type of vehicle can be wrapped, and the most common ones are buses, taxis and race cars. For buses, advertisements are plastered onto its sides for people to see. Taxis, on the other hand, are wrapped with their companies and advertisements as well. Race cars have a lot of sponsors, so it is mostly used for sponsorship.

There are two types of car wrapping and the first one is called partial wrap and the second is full wrap. The partial wrap is common for buses and taxis because they only need to cover the rear and halfway up the vehicle. Unlike race cars, it varies from one sponsor to another. Sometimes they lose a sponsor and get a new one fast, so they have to change the race cars color and logo quick. Roof wraps are not an add on and it is not part of the full car wrap package. The wrap can stay up to five years which is great for a long investment. It is a great investment to make for any small business out there that is still starting out small but needs a kick starter to get through the consumers.

This video shows how vinyl graphics are applied to vehicles:

Some advantages and benefits for car wrapping are as follows:

* Advertisement. People wrap their cars with graphics because they want to advertise to the consumers to see what they are offering. With this type of marketing, the target is wider without having to exert more efforts or to spend extra money. The car will just be used in a regular manner like it won’t roam around just to market their business.

It will come from weather and pollution. The car wrap does no damage to the original paint because it does not stick on rust. Warps do not stick to rust but if the car is painted with chipping paint; car wraps will remove the chipping paint in the process of removal. Car wraps protects the paint on the car from weather conditions and pollutants.

* Attention Grabbing Device. The AGD is an important aspect of getting recognition from the community. People would notice the colorful graphic advertisement. It is subtle and mundane but becomes a powerful device for grabbing people’s attention.

* Cost effective. To compare a billboard and a car wrap or a car signage for that matter; the car wrap takes the win of course. A running advertisement is better than a standing one. It reaches out to more audiences than a big billboard, to think that no one ever looks at that much because it is too high for their usual views. It means that they need to exert extra efforts just to check the ad which is not the case with a car signage. In fact, even if they won’t do anything at all, they can’t still miss a car wrapped that will pass by them.

Car wraps are a leading advertisement technique that garners attention and curiosity from the community. This is also part of the signage Malaysia family. It is not a wild, aggressive advertisement that people stay away from because it only passes by and they read it with their eyes. Car wraps has a lot of advantages for start-up companies or small businesses. It does no damage to the car and has more gains than lost to any other advertisement game out there.

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