Is A Caffeine Addiction Acceptable?

Caffeine is a lot of things. But it is undeniably a drug. Drugs like any other, that cause withdrawal symptoms, develop tolerance, dependence, and inevitable addiction. We have all been down the road to caffeine addiction. But we were never aware of the effects and side effects of the coffee or tea or the energy drink when we initially started consuming it. There are many side effects to the consumption of caffeine. But only if it is done in moderation. Some people experience serious symptoms of withdrawal and tolerance along their journey. 

Caffeine addiction is usually credited to its ability to change the stimulations of our brain. Caffeine can boost our energy, metabolism, increase alertness, and even increase overall happiness. Perhaps the boost in mood and happiness is exactly why we are so addicted to this psychoactive substance. Happiness comes from caffeine’s ability to stimulate and enhance the production of dopamine. Dopamine is necessary for our everyday lives to be happier, motivated. It is the neurotransmitter and chemical in our nervous system that gets us going and tells us to be happy.

Since caffeine has come a long way in research, there are some signs of addiction noted by the researchers. People addicted to caffeine are reported to be seen irritable, depressed, and fatigued without the consumption of caffeine. People addicted to coffee also often reportedly show signs of insomnia, depression, and even overstimulation of their nerves. This can cause an acceleration of the heart rate, anxiety and excessive sweating, and too much adrenaline. Adrenaline is good but in moderation.

They also neglect their responsibilities and obligations towards their professional life when they are not met with a warm cup of coffee or any other choice of caffeinated beverage. Someone doing a metal roof installation early in the morning, who is also addicted to coffee may not be able to commit to their work as a result of their lack of caffeine. This is a clear sign of addiction. 

But we wonder, is the addiction reasonable? Can we make friends with this addiction? Is acceptable. We know that caffeine addiction is the only drug and substance that we have normalized and socially acceptable. But is an addiction as such truly acceptable? 

In the personal and scientific opinion of many, they believe caffeine addiction is truly harmless. It is an internalized activity and has no moral implications. Any other drug addiction or alcohol addiction shows physically and mentally disturbing side effects that not only put us in harm’s way but also others. People may ask why a caffeine addiction is acceptable while an alcohol addiction is not?

Alcohol may be a socially harmless activity but an addiction leads to bankruptcy, abuse, inevitable death, damaged organs, and unbelievable medical bills accounted for our alcohol indued illnesses. The same goes for nicotine addiction. It is not an internalized activity. When we smoke, others are also passively smoking. When we consume caffeine, especially in controlled moderations, it does not hurt us. But it also has some reported benefits. 

Caffeine is seen to reportedly reduce the prognosis of a mental illness. People with depression find caffeine to help them throughout their day. Studies also show that caffeine can improve the health of our hearts and prevent the risk of cancer. 

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