How To Manage And Maintain Laboratory Instruments Well?

In order to solve the laboratory equipment management exists in the use of personnel negligent maintenance of equipment, heavy use, light maintenance, lack of maintenance files, today on the main laboratory instruments and equipment for testing institutions from the purchase to the use of maintenance and other aspects of the content, then the laboratory instruments how to do a good job of management and maintenance? 

Most chemical testing equipment is a precision instrument, not only requires the test operator to use, but also to understand the basic principles of the instrument, the use of precautions, the storage environment of the instrument, so that the failure rate of the instrument will be reduced. For example, the textile laboratory common single yarn strength machine, do peel top break test using universal material testing machine, the mechanical part of the screw needs to be frequently oiled maintenance, but in actual use, often because the frequency of use is not high, negligent maintenance. 


If optical instruments are stored in a general laboratory, in a humid environment, the mirrors become damp and mouldy. In some laboratories, there exists the possibility of placing optical analysis instruments close to equipment such as centrifuges or oscillators so that samples can be optically analysed by the operator after the centrifugation procedure, but the optical analysis instruments are next to instruments running at high speed for long periods of time and the lenses may be shaken off or shattered. In the process of maintenance, it was found that there were more problems such as these, and a slight lack of attention to instrument management brought about a greater impact on the testing tests and increased the workload of maintenance personnel and maintenance expenses.

To ensure the normal operation of test instruments and equipment, not only to have sufficient maintenance funds, but also to ensure the timeliness of equipment maintenance, relying on manufacturers to repair, and costly and time-consuming, therefore, the unit should gradually train their own maintenance team, regular maintenance of equipment, the annual equipment department in charge should be based on the actual situation, the development of the annual maintenance plan for instruments and equipment, so as to save money, but also to ensure the maintenance of Therefore, based on the unit, the formation of a lean and efficient maintenance team is a necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of the instrument. Regular technical training is given to technicians and managers to improve maintenance skills and management level, and through practice, maintenance experience is accumulated continuously.
The management and maintenance of laboratory equipment can not only improve the standardisation of laboratory equipment management and further increase the effective use of laboratory equipment; it can also strengthen the safety management of laboratory equipment, which has an important role in the successful completion of the test. The development of strict rules and regulations for the management and maintenance of laboratory equipment and instruments is of great significance in ensuring the quality of tests. In order to have relatively durable equipment, you may have to refer to MDC who has the accreditation, ISO 17025 malaysia to ensure their quality.

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