Essential House Property Sale: How You Would Choose

For a building site with a lot of potential and a high price can be asked. Everything is often pulled out of the closet during the renovation. Then an extension or minimal sliding door, dormer window, new plastic frames are added and the rest neatly made.


With a cheap house, usually an apartment, it is best to earn money with real estate by mainly renovating external things. A big painting job after possibly new plaster, a new floor or freshening it up, freshening up the bathroom and kitchen (preferably not completely replaced). Often, complete cleaning and tidying up and furnishing with a (temporary) popular interior already works enough to find a buyer. The condo near klcc or Bangsar is perfect in this case. There is no better option than the other. In both alternatives, there can be advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to you to decide which one is capable of satisfying your needs in the best way. See more details about each one below:

Private project developers

Also, normal homeowners with KLCC condo or any other apartment, are sometimes occupied with this form of return on their home all their lives. They buy a house to live in after a possible renovation and to be able to sell it quickly again at a profit. Then they do the same trick at a new house. Secretly there are quite a lot of people who have this form of project development as a second job and that is fine because you also create added value with a renovation with a house for yourself, right?

Buy and rent

When buying and renting a KLCC property to earn money with real estate, you partly do the same as when buying and selling. However, the trick here is to find a reliable tenant for a long time or several tenants who ensure good occupancy. Every day that a house is empty means loss. In addition, the purchase price is important. Check out many properties and don’t believe a broker by their blue eyes.

Broker earns money on sale

It is always good to remember that 1 thing is the most important for the broker: selling the house quickly because then he will receive money. As a buyer you know that you have to take everything from the broker with a grain of salt. The faster it is sold, the sooner it gets its money.


This so-called brokerage commission is a considerable amount when a home is not sold by internet broker. Most people are still shocked when they get the receipt from the real estate agent after the sale. 

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