Benefits of SAP Success Factors

Although neither of these terms is accepted by SAP, SAP SuccessFactors is a human resources (HR) application that offers cloud-based software for human capital management (HCM) utilising the software-as-a-service (SaaS) paradigm.

Core HR and talent management functions are incorporated into SAP SuccessFactors, which provides customers with a range of deployment options tailored to their individual needs. It offers a system of interaction that satisfies the user interface and user experience requirements of contemporary workforces. With the essential characteristics and capabilities that businesses require to maintain the organisation of their employee information, it can be maintained depending on the shifting workforce structure because it is a SaaS solution.

Benefits of SAP Success Factor

  1. Recruitment

There are multiple reasons to support the SAP Success Factors Partner Malaysia. The Recruiting solution significantly improves your company’s visibility on the job market. The integrated comprehensive toolkit for selection and analysis assists you in finding the best match for your open positions.

Once the new employee is hired, you must assist him in adjusting to his new position. The Onboarding module not only assists your new employee in connecting with contact partners and colleagues, but it also organises the initial training prior to the first visit to the office. As a result, you can ensure a smooth start at work without the need for extensive training.

  1. Core HR and Payroll

All of your employees can update their personal information quickly and easily thanks to the Employee Central solution, a user-friendly hub for all employee and organisational data. This self-service solution saves employees and the HR department time and effort.

You can use the Payroll module to ensure that all of your paychecks are accurate and always arrive on time. Payroll is a safe, scalable, and adaptable solution that ensures legal compliance and has a global reach.

  1. Performance & Compensation

With Performance & Goals, your employees are fully aware of their own responsibilities as well as the overall company goals. They receive the best support to exceed expectations through continuous and employee-specific feedback. You can also accurately measure the performance of all employees and assess their individual strengths and weaknesses. You always have a precise overview of your bonus budget with Compensation, which is linked to the Performance & Goals module, so you can precisely determine how much bonus payment each employee has earned.

  1. Succession & Development

The Succession & Development module enables you to recognise high potentials, key responsibilities, and specialised talents based on accurate data. Effectively cultivate your abilities and choose the best successors or replacements among your internal staff.

  1. Learning

The learning solution significantly speeds up the development of your employees. A wide range of combined formal, informal, social, and extended learning programmes enhances employees’ innate talents and keeps staff members interested and motivated.

  1. Social Collaborations 

The Social Collaboration tool makes it simple for your employees to connect with coworkers and even outside partners, which paves the way for more effective teamwork. It makes it easier to access shared information and contributes to even more effective decision-making.

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