7 Sex Positions That Make Sex Toys Even Better

Doggy Style

Doggy Style is not just a timeless classic, but it also lends itself beautifully to sex-toy play. You can use a clitoral vibrator in the front while your spouse is invading you from behind. You can even ask your lover to try out a vibrating anal toy on you. After all, they have a good view of your genitalia, so they might as well make use of it.

Modified Cunnilingus

To support yourself up, lie down on a bed and slide a pillow under the small of your back. Your spouse can then descend on you as usual. They have more opportunities to supplement oral sex with a dildo or other penetrative toy thanks to the raised posture.


Spooning Sex was probably not developed with sex toys in mind, but it could have been! This intimate position allows your lover access to your most vulnerable areas, allowing for a variety of sex-toy play. You can simply incorporate a clitoral vibrator, have your spouse run a vibrator over your nipples, or reach around and rub their anus with an anal sex toy.

Modified Missionary

A slightly elevated take on the classic missionary is more favourable to sex-toy play than the standard missionary. Slide a cushion under your back for extra support, and bend your legs in toward your chest to change the angle even further. Your lover can then approach on their knees and play with a variety of sex gadgets.

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A small, hands-free clitoral vibrator might easily be incorporated. A rabbit vibrator (a penetrative dildo with a built-in clitoris stimulator) or even a double-penetration dildo may accomplish the trick. Simply told, Modified Missionary is a gold mine of experimental sex-toy play.

Crouching Prone

If you prefer a tighter fit, the Crouching Prone might be for you. This position mixes Doggy Style’s violent enjoyment with Spooning Sex’s closeness. Though it makes sex toy access a little more difficult than either position in its original form, the Crouching Prone allows for reach-arounds, allowing your partner to grab a vibrator and complement penetration with some clitoris- or nipple-based fun.

Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl

It’s good news. Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl, two of your faves, are completely sex-toy compatible. A good way to start is by sliding a vibrating ring onto your partner’s shaft or strap-on. It’s low-cost and low-effort, and you can just do your usual sex but with more excitement.

Other sex toy options are also available. You can use a hands-free clitoral vibrator, nipple clamps, a butt plug, or anything else with these postures. With these classics, there’s plenty of potential for extra fun, so go creative.

The Tag Team

As we all know, penetration isn’t the only technique to accomplish this. You can use a sex toy with oral sex, or you can make the sex toy the major event. Talk to your partner about what kinds of toys they’d want to try, then go on a toy hunt together. Both of you are in for a lot of fun. If you want to obtain your own vibrator and test these positions out on your lover, Secret Cherry Malaysia sells sex toys online.

Uncalled For Improv