Why Your Grocery Expenses Are So High

It is easy to identify the big purchases that take up the chunk of our budget. The gym membership you are paying for that you do not use adequately, the splurge on the nearest fast-fashion outlet, the hang out with your friends that cost a little too much money, and maybe a trip to a nearby city. We are able to pinpoint these as what takes up our money, even though these were one-time purchases. Unlike our groceries. Our grocery runs happen once a week. Once a week spend approximately 100 dollars on groceries. Depending on our income, age, living factors we spend around $100-500.

Since grocery is essential, we do not really think of how we really splurge on it. If we bought a piece of broccoli that we probably never touched again after its purchase, we justify it as a necessity. Even if it meant an extra 2-5 dollars that you could have saved for something else. The pack of barley or oats that we promised we would eat for breakfast but never touched? It was yet again an unnecessary splurge. Instead of opting for affordable fresh groceries delivery Kuala Lumpur, we opt for a fancy grocery run in the city. Ofcourse, we justify this by saying it is a necessity. Sometimes even necessities become unnecessarily expensive. 

There are some explanations why your grocery bill is so incredibly high. 

Unorganized And Sloppy Planning

If we don’t make a grocery list or plan our meals, we are simply following our hearts when it comes to our groceries. Following our heart is great. But a hungry, creative and spontaneous heart is fickle when it comes to necessary expenses such as grocery expenses. Don’t underestimate the power of planning your weekly meals and writing down your grocery list based on the budget.

Not Cleaning Out Your Pantry And Fridge 

Are you prone to stocking up your fridge, pantry, and cupboards but never using what you buy? A lot of us are guilty of this. We get overwhelmed with our work before we can to actually use our groceries. Sometimes cleaning out our fridge, throwing out the expired goods in the pantry, and making a list of things you normally use might help control your expensive grocery bill. 

Choosing Fruits And Vegetables That Are Not “in Season” And Imported

Fruits and vegetables are normally affordable. They are cheap and they make the perfect addition to our meals. And we need five portions of them in our diet every day. But there is a way even fruits and vegetables can become an expensive thing to buy. But that’s only when we stick to off-season fruits/vegetables. Fruits or vegetables that grow abundantly at a time tend to be extremely cheap and vendors sell them in a bundle. However buying veggies and delicious fruits that are not local, imported, and off-season, can become a very expensive and luxurious meal. Buying local not only helps our budget but is also a great way to give back to your community, help your economy grow and help your environment as well. 

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