What You Can Do With RM100 Instead Of Spending It

What You Can Do With RM100 Instead Of Spending It

Do you have RM 100 just lying around in your home? Do you have the urge to spend it? You’re thinking about McDonald’s or KFC. Well you should stop thinking about spending your money. Think about how you can invest it. If you really want to use that RM100, do it in a manner that allows you to be satisfied with it. Don’t waste it in a RM100 FoodPanda delivery but do it in a way you can get some satisfaction.

Take low spread broker . Instead of spending it or a one-time experience, spend it on something worthwhile. Do you know there are online courses in EdX and Coursera that can be obtained for the fee of RM100? Most of the courses can be audited and are free of charge but to those who would like to have the full experience, we would encourage you to get the certificate. Take a class on becoming a broker forex Malaysia and learn about what it means. While they do vary from 10$ to 50$, you should be able to obtain some good certificates in the lower range and you can apply for financial assistance if you can’t afford that extra as well.

Buy ingredients for a mini home party. Since its MCO, you may be feeling bored but that’s about to change. Gather your family members and get some party snacks to have a home party with your family. Of course, here you are spending your money but rest assured it’s well worth it. Can you imagine seeing your family members’ faces light up after being bored for so long. You can also play fun board games with them and spend your nights having fun instead of ignoring each other.

Donate it. Well, it may be fun to just spend money, you can also put that money to good use by donating it. Many have lost their jobs this MCO and there are many organisations trying to help desperate people to stay afloat. Your RM 100 could mean a lot to someone’s family whether it be buying diapers or if it’s their budget for the next month. Donations could mean the world to someone so keep your eyes peeled for anyone wishing a donation.

Invest in some gardening tools. Start your own farm. You can buy some vegetable seeds or sprouts and grow them in your home. Some vegetables are easier than the other. Okra is extremely easy to grow and needs less care compared to corn and long beans. You can also save a lot more money once you’ve had a sustainable farm. You don’t have to drive to a supermarket to get your vegetables and can instead smile at the fruits of your labour. Your friends and family will be asking for tips after looking at your green thumb.

Have you changed your perspective on how you can spend or save or even invest your RM100? It’s interesting to see the changes you can accomplish with a small amount of money. Although it gives you about 15 pieces of fried chicken in KFC, RM100 can make a big difference to some people. Think about how you will use your next RM 100.

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