Top 3 social media companies in Malaysia

When smartphones were created, it was the moment where it would become a futuristic item that we humans will hold for the next few decades. Now, it can do almost anything that a computer can in just the palm of your hand, web browsing, watching videos, searching for information, looking for the location of a shop and many more. Social media apps are also becoming more common ever since Facebook was invented as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many others started to appear and became its competitor. But being the first social media app, Facebook dominated over other social media apps leading some to be purchased by Facebook. With so many social media apps, which social media companies in Malaysia are more popular compared to other countries? Here are the top 4 social media companies in Malaysia.

Facebook, without a doubt, is the uncontested champion among all other companies. Initially acting as a social media platform, it later added more features to attract more users and existing users to use the app more often. In 2020, Facebook had an overhaul in their design, creating a controversy as many users voice out their displeasure towards the new change and most users have difficulty navigating through the platform. They later added a feature that allowed users to switch between both UI designs. In March 2018, Facebook was sued for not protecting their users’ privacy data as the data was sold to Cambridge Analytica after they participated in an online quiz and was later filed for bankruptcy. 

Instagram is a social media app that was published in 2010 and it is known for a wide variety of filters used for photography. During this period, most social media users were into taking selfies and Instagram attracts many of them by introducing filters that change how they want to look or an effect appearing when they make certain faces. 

TikTok was developed by a Chinese company called ByteDance in 2016 and it took over the world by storm. Similar to Instagram, it has features that allows users to post pictures and videos to attract attention on the platform. But there’s where the similarity stops as TikTok is known for being used by youths to create short videos with some becoming trends and memes. One of the popular trends on TikTok is when a video splits into two with the person on the left reacting to the video happening on the right. This feature became popular throughout TikTok and has spawned multiple similar videos on the platform with some being creative and some being copy-paste versions of the original videos.
Even though Facebook is considered as the most used social media platform, some Facebook users are slowly drifting away from it as they find Facebook’s trend nowadays is appealing only towards teenagers than young adults. According to Similar Webs, some countries like Japan, Canada and Egypt don’t have Facebook placed as top 5 in their list. This may be due to cultural differences as they could be more reserved to use apps that appeal towards more social users like America and Malaysia.

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