Live Streaming E-Commerce – A New Phenomenon

If you think selling your products and services of any sort through e-commerce websites (Shopee, Lazada, Ezbuy, Carousell, etc) is already convenient enough thus no better alternatives for you to move forward to, you most likely have not come into contact with any sellers generating sales via live stream. Unimaginable? It is as if you are in a marketplace but this time you are witnessing it on your mobile device, the sellers are the mere ones doing the talking, and the customers, on the other hand, leave comments as a way of responding to the sellers’ demonstration. Though appears as a seemingly unnatural way of selling considering the number of parties involved in the same exact space, it rapidly generates countless comments if the live stream were to be viewed by many audiences and the products or services that you are introducing are engrossing to those viewing. The Unifi fibre coverage contributes to higher quality live stream including voice and visual clarity. 

unifi fibre coverage

Tips & Tricks For An Effective Livestream 

Personalized Your Content 

We all acknowledge the mundanity we go through amidst a lecture because it is mostly carried out via a one-way information exchange unless the educators demand students’ participation. Otherwise, it is something we wish to be quickly dismissed from. Applying the same concept to live streams, viewers do not wish to be given a lengthy and extensive introduction of your product or service because if they want to, they would have searched it up online. If an introduction to your venture is pivotal, try doing something that can help them easily retain the information given by you, a demonstration is one effective instance. Teach your viewers how to make use of your product or service if they were to purchase it and in the meantime, do not just focus on getting them to understand you, get yourself to understand them as well. 

Frequent Engagement 

Continuing to the previous point, actively engaging with your viewers can potentially get them interested in our venture because most of the time if not all, customers remember you more than they remember about the products or services you are selling. Therefore as the spokesperson, express your utmost personality as if you are physically talking to each and every one of them.  Ask them questions and opinions to make the live stream more about them rather than it is about you or the venture itself. One common mistake made by live streamers is that they focus too much on themselves thus ignoring the comments given by viewers, if they sensed their participation is not actually needed by the host, the likelihood of them leaving the live stream is fairly slim. The unifi 300mbps internet speed keeps you up to date with incoming comments.

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