Legal Issues In Opening Anime Merchandise Store

The importance of law

No society can survive unless the necessary laws are made to run the affairs of life, while the development of a society depends on the observance of these laws. Today, respect for the rule of law is a major cause of prosperity in all developed countries of the world. In our case, this thing seems to be extinct, which is also a reflection of a state of mind and the collective thinking of the society. Not only do laws exist but they are also changed over time to meet the requirements of the times, but these laws are rarely enforced. 

The law has been made for the powerful and for the poor, which has led to increasing class divisions. The rule of law is not only the responsibility of the government but also the role of every member of the society is very important. We seem to talk to others but do not apply it to ourselves. Criticism and the tendency to oppose opposition is becoming our way. Every bad thing is blamed on the government, but if the government takes a good step, it is silenced or even tried to get rid of the bugs.

Running business without license

If you haven’t got trademark and copyright licenses from the anime owners to use their IP. expect to get sued for infringing their IP. If you want to try to get licenses, hire IP counsel to approach the owners. Don’t get your hopes up, they likely have their own merchandising companies and/or licensors, and won’t be interested in doing business with an unknown company like yours.

Selling anime merchandise

Selling “unofficial anime merchandise” almost certainly will result in violations of copyright and trademark laws, among others. Without a license from the owners of the copyrights and trademarks involved in these anime products, you will almost certainly be violating their rights if you resell these products. There are some situations in which the “First Sale” doctrine immunizes resellers from liability. This generally applies only to selling used books or used record albums or CD’s. The First Sale doctrine does not generally apply to digital versions of copyrighted works, and won’t help you in this situation.

Here is a rule of thumb for any e-commerce business. If you intend to profit by associating your business with famous characters, celebrities, or brands developed by others, you will almost certainly face legal problems if you proceed without appropriate licenses and permissions. I am not your lawyer and this is not intended to be legal advice on which you rely. My answer is merely intended to assist you in understanding some of the issues that you face so that you can make an intelligent choice when you hire legal counsel.

Anime store in Malaysia

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