How Social Media And Business Companies Cope During The Pandemic

Social media has provided a platform for every smartphone and internet users to consume entertainment in a unique way. In these apps, users are able to post their thoughts, opinions, videos and pictures of whatever they want while creating group pages that would gather other users who share an interest in similar topics. This would also lead to the development of social messaging apps as a platform for users to communicate for free. In some cases like Whatsapp and Instagram, some social media and messaging apps would be purchased by bigger companies. Although such an event would cause a lot of problems in the future like certain apps would disable their services if they do not accept the new terms and conditions of their parent company.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread all over the world, most people are stuck at home with only a limited option of entertainment. But with the internet, they are able to have access to a mass variety of entertainment that would beat what television offers. Unfortunately for business companies, the pandemic has heavily affected their business as they must limit the amount of employees that are able to work in the office or let go of their employees which led to a high percentage of unemployment in every country. However, this led to major companies to adapt during the pandemic. By using social media and the internet, they are able to advertise their products and services while leading users to their website.

A core part of a Web Design Malaysia is to provide a website filled with information and aesthetically pleasing design that would leave a good impression on their users. By including an address to their on-site stores, contact details and information of their products and services, business companies are able to attract more users to buy their products or services. Thanks to the recent development of technology, products can be delivered to anyone within the company’s reach even if they are not close to their on-site stores. Because of the pandemic, there is a new trend among almost every store that they would establish their own online delivery services to help people that are stuck at home to receive their necessities without exposing themselves to the virus.

Thanks to the internet, most citizens and business companies are able to adapt with their new lifestyle as they wait for vaccines to be made and the pandemic to be over. However, the virus is constantly developing new strains that would potentially hinder the effectiveness of the vaccines. Therefore, lockdown is still mandatory to prevent strains from spreading all over the world and worsening our economic condition. So, whenever you get your vaccine, make sure that you still practice SOP and avoid as much physical contact as possible.

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