Choosing Ara Damansara condominium is The Right Choice

Before reading tips for buying an Ara Damansara condominium or an Ara Damansara house for sale, sit down and consider whether you are ready to give half of the family budget for a mortgage. After all, today rarely anyone has their own accumulated funds in the required amount. Therefore, a loan extended over 10-20 years seems to be a salvation. But, the euphoria from the upcoming purchase does not allow everyone to soberly assess their financial capabilities with the expectation of a year or two in advance. So, if you have a stable and sufficient income, some savings as a safety net in case of financial difficulties, then you can safely search for suitable square meters.

District and developer

If we are talking about new housing, then we study the rating of developers in the city and select companies with the largest number of successfully completed projects. Well-known developers a priori are building in already equipped areas or with a clear development perspective. This means that it will be convenient for adults to get to work, study, and children – to walk close to kindergarten or school. Shops, parks, all infrastructure will also be close by. At this stage, advice when buying an apartment comes down to the correct choice of the area in terms of the level of prestige of residence, the degree of activity, safety, environmental friendliness.

Cost per square meter

Quality housing cannot be cheap. This applies to both new buildings and the secondary market. Therefore, the low cost of square meters or the willingness of the owner of the “secondary housing” to yield well immediately should alert. In such cases, the safe purchase of an apartment is not guaranteed – advice to carefully check the developer’s documentation or the legal purity of the used living space will not be superfluous.

The type of the future home

Modern residential complexes are built using new technologies, most often they are monolithic-frame. They are not afraid of dampness, have excellent sound insulation, practically do not shrink, and are well suited for redevelopment. Resellers are most often sold in panel houses with low ceilings, narrow rooms and small kitchens keep this in mind. Brick houses are considered warm, but they are afraid of drafts, which you constantly have to fight.

Floor: not the first and not the last

It is considered comfortable for living from the 3rd to the 5th floor. Many people do not recommend buying apartments on the first and last floor in order to avoid a large number of problems (dampness from the basement, roof leakage, broken elevator).

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