Advantages Of PVC Drainage Systems

Drains are made mainly of metal, but such designs have a lot of disadvantages. These include, first of all, susceptibility to corrosion and lack of resistance to negative climatic influences. Recently, PVC products have been very popular. Before you buy gutters made of polymer material, you should consider their main advantages.

The main advantages of plastic products

The main enemies of metal gutters are moisture, as well as temperature extremes. Steel, even covered with a protective layer, copes rather poorly with their aggressive effect, for example, in winter, when the ice expands in the chute, the tray deforms, and the plastic does an excellent job since it has shape memory. Polyvinyl chloride is absolutely not subject to corrosion, and this significantly increases the service life of products made from it. Also, PVC roof drainage system can freely withstand large temperature changes – from 60 degrees below zero to 50 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the quality of the material does not suffer, its structure is not destroyed.

Metal gutters and pipes are quite noisy, which causes a lot of anxiety for residents – the sound of raindrops and the noise of flowing water sometimes greatly interfere with sleep. Plastic structures significantly benefit from this criterion, and this is another reason to opt for PVC systems.

Metal gutters tend to get clogged with various debris and leaves that impede the flow of liquid, since their inner walls are not too smooth. Plastic gutters and pipes look here in a much more favorable light, since the sliding coefficient of their walls is higher. Therefore, blockages in them occur much less often, and it is much easier to deal with them thanks to the available additional leaf collectors.

The plastic gutter system perfectly tolerates the effects of ultraviolet radiation. Polyvinyl chloride is resistant to various chemicals. This material is quite lightweight and not picky about scratches, which greatly facilitates and simplifies the installation process. At the same time, it remains quite durable and reliable, it is distinguished by wear resistance, which allows it to do an excellent job of drainage of rainwater, moreover, it has a predominantly aesthetic appearance in comparison with metal.

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